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Friday, August 29, 2014 (9 AM - 12 PM) (GMT+8)

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Training Room

No.5 3rd Floor, Tower E2,
Oriental Plaza, Beijing, China

Beijing, China

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~Strengthening the management on enterprises for self-discipline will be not only an important direction of customs inspection, but also an updated content as well as a breakthrough in the new edition of the Regulations of the PRC external auditing. Currently, pilot programmes are carried out in some areas, and a few customs authorities has issued notices requiring that all resident entities shall perform a self-inspection. The self-inspection has a profound influence on all enterprises engaged in processing trade and trading business. Furthermore, it will become normalization for the Customs. Beijing Customs issued the Notice (2014) No.24 on 6 August 2014, informing the public about the self-inspection to be taken (please refer to the link right-handed).

~In order to assist enterprises in having a better understanding on relevant customs policies and seizing opportunities, KPMG is holding a seminar on the following topics with our professionals, officers in charge from Audit Department of the Beijing Customs will be invited.

· Backgrounds and institutional arrangement of the customs’ self-inspection and self-discipline

· Requirements and expectations from the Beijing Customs on enterprise in the self-inspection

· How to deal with self-inspection, i.e. how to declare and how to prepare documentation

· How to cooperate with onsite work of the Customs

· Customs’ identification on the result of the self-inspection and other special provisions

· How the enterprise self-discipline management work with professional firm to assist

· How to identify potential customs risks or violations, how to make primary judgments and how to estimate according consequences from self-inspections

· Differences between customs inspection and anti-smuggling

· Basic working procedures of customs inspection · Common risks in customs business

~The participation of senior staff in finance department and customs affairs department from enterprises engaged in trading business are welcome. Please sign up in your earliest convenience for the limited seats.

~To register, simply click on the link below. For a better understanding on our topic, kindly note that participants are suggested to prepare their enquiries in advance and send them to the KPMG contact by COB of 27th August, for the convenience of our summary. The enquires will be answered by the officers in the seminar.